Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Worms Everywhere!

You can start your very own vermicompost in your classroom! All you need is a bin, some newspaper, food scraps, and worms. It’s a fun exercise that can help your garden grow when spring rolls around.

1) One pound red worms
2) Wooden or plastic bin
3) Newspaper
4) Food scraps

1) Shred the newspaper and place it in the bin.
2) Add food scraps.
3) Evenly moisten the newspaper by sprinkling water over the bin.
4) Add the worms.

1) The bin will need a lid with holes poked in it so the worms can stay moist and dim and still get oxygen.
2) Drill drain holes in the bottom of the bin and place a tray beneath it. Worms create a nutrient rich moisture as they process the food. This can be captured and fed to plants in the classroom.
3) Worms need to be fed regularly but not overfed because food they don’t eat will rot in the bin. They also need to be checked regularly to make sure that they are not dry. Every few days should be sufficient.

For more information on vermi-composting, visit

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