Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December School Garden Ideas

There are a lot of things I learned about December holidays…there’s a whole lot of days dedicated to sweet treats and not too many dedicated to healthy snacks. For instance, there’s National Cotton Candy Day on Dec. 7th followed quickly by National Brownie Day on Dec. 8th and not to be outdone, Dec. 15th is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. With all these indulgent days lined up throughout December, try to remember to eat healthy and keep your students on the right track. Have a very wonderful December!

Dec. 1st:
National Eat a Red Apple Day: Try an art project with your students that involve apples. When I was in elementary school, our art teacher had us paint 100 apples, but none of the apples could be the same. It was a horrendous, grueling, pain staking process for a 4th grader…it haunts me to this day. I wouldn’t recommend it. Here’s an activity that is more likely to please;

National Pie Day: Along with the traditional pumpkin or apple pies, try this homemade whoopee pie recipe that includes a secret ingredient…spinach puree!

Dec. 4th:
National Cookie Day: Remember, always in moderation! Here’s a slightly healthier cookie recipe;

Dec. 5th:
Volunteer Day: Take a break from the holiday stress to give your time to a worthy cause. This is a great opportunity to get your student’s in the giving spirit.

Dec. 5-12: Hanukkah

Dec. 17th:
National Maple Syrup Day: Did you know it takes about 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup? Wisconsin is one of 17 states that produce maple syrup.

National Underdog Day: It seems fruits and vegetables may be the underdogs during the month of December. Everybody roots for the underdog, so cheer them on!

Dec. 18th:
Wear a Plunger on your Head Day: Why not?

Dec. 19th:
Oatmeal Muffin Day: Here’s a great tasting recipe for a healthy treat!

Dec. 20th:
Games Day: Check out our blog for lots of great activities for your students, including games!

Dec. 21st:
First Day of Winter: For most Wisconsinites, winter came long before Dec. 21st.

Look at the Bright Side Day: When it’s 10 degrees below zero with gray skies, try looking on the bright side to perk up your day!

Dec. 25th: Christmas Day

Dec. 26th-Jan. 1st: Kwanzaa

Dec. 31st: New Years Eve

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