Monday, December 13, 2010

Activity: Winter Snowfall

This is a great activity to keep children active and aware in the garden during the winter months. Sticks can be placed throughout the garden so that comparisons can be made as to the depth of the snow. Children can keep journals about their findings, plot or graph the depth of the snow, or note differences on a map of the garden. This activity can provide a wealth of discussion about why and how depths would vary, and what this means for the garden.

1) Plastic rulers or yardsticks.
2) 24" to 36" lengths of 1" by 1" lumber.
3) Screws that fit in the holes of the plastic ruler.
4) Wood glue.
5) A hammer or rubber mallet to pound the stakes into the ground.
6) Drill with bit.

1) Glue the ruler to the lumber, so that there is at least a six inch space at the top and bottom of the 1" by 1".

2)When the glue is dry, drill holes through the holes in the ruler into the lumber. Then attach screws to the lumber.

3) Pound the snow stick into the ground, making sure it is deep enough so that the ruler touches the ground. The deeper the stick goes into the ground, the more stable it will remain through the winter. Now the stick is ready to measure snowfall.

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