Thursday, December 9, 2010

Activity: Winter Garden Vision

On a cold winter day, when you can’t go outside and don’t know what to do, have your students create their own WINTER GARDEN VISION.

1) Memory and imagination
2) Seed or garden catalogs that you can cut up
3) Pencils, crayons, markers or paints
4) Pictures of your garden

1)Remember this years’ garden: Make a bulletin board that shows your garden and what happened in it. Use pictures, drawings, painting and whatever else you can think of.

2) Create next years’ garden: Make a plan of your garden for next year. Cut and paste, draw, paint, or create it on your computer. Then put your creation up on a bulletin board or your wall to remind you of what is to come.

3) Plan a special event: Make plans to have a special event in your garden. This could be a Garden Day, a Birthday celebration, tea for friends or relatives, or a harvest party. Make plans for the event, select the date, make invitations and send them out.

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