Monday, February 1, 2010

February School Garden Ideas

At the beginning of each month, the Got Dirt? WI blog will feature a variety of month-specific ways to incorporate your school garden into your classroom.

It may be cold outside but this month's activities will get you and your students thinking spring and excited about the approaching warm weather.  Have students learn all the basics about gardening now so they can get their hands dirty as soon as it's warmer outside!

  • Feb. 5: National Weatherman's Day:  Although a bit of an unusual holiday, use this as an opportunity to talk about different types of weather.  You can explain that different parts of the county have different weather patterns and climates, which impacts when you can plant a garden.  Reinforce the type of weather that helps your garden grow!

  • Feb. 12: Winter Olympics: Use the Olympics to discuss the differences in culture and countries around the world.  Talk about food grown in different countries.  Have students pick a county and research its foods and agricultural traditions.

  • Feb. 14: Valentine's Day:  Put a twist on Valentine's Day traditions and instead of focusing on chocolates and sweets, have a "Love Your Fruits and Veggies Day."  Students can bring in their favorite fruit/vegetable to share with the class.  Ask students how they like to have their favorite fruits/veggies prepared.  Tally/graph the class's favorite type of fruit/vegetable. 

  • Feb. 15: President's Day: Discuss the White House garden and Thomas Jefferson's contribute to gardening.  Students can also research the past president's favorite foods.
What are your favorite February gardening activities?  Get inspired and share below!

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