Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grant: Healthy Classrooms Foundation

Healthy Classrooms Foundation, an organization with the mission to "make a positive difference in the health of the next generation by promoting and fostering long-lasting projects that increase public health practices in the classroom," has just announced that it will offer grants to Wisconsin schools. 

The grants will be awarded to projects that make a long-term impact on "physical health, nutrition, sexual education, global perspectives, minority disparities, environmental responsibility, and mental and emotional health."

This grant is the perfect opportunity to apply for funding for your school garden.  Gardens address students' physical health and nutrition while encouraging environmental responsibility.  The Got Dirt? program hopes that incorporating gardens into the curriculum will increase children's knowledge and consumption of fruits and vegetables and allow students to develop healthy eating habits at a young age.

Grant applications are due by May 25, 2010.  Grant funds will not exceed $2,000. 

Visit the Healthy Classroom Foundation website for additional information and an electronic application.

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