Friday, May 14, 2010

Activity: Dirt Made My Lunch

Recently when speaking with a first grade teacher who had started a classroom gardening project, she told that one of her inquisitive students asked, "Why can't we just plant pizza?"

While an amusing question, the teacher used this as a teaching moment using the following activity.

  • Pictures of food items.  (You will need pictures of each ingredient and the corresponding steps it takes as you trace it to the soil)
    • Cheeseburger
      • Bun: flour, wheat, soil
      • Burger: beef, cow, grass, soil
      • Cheese: milk, cow, grass, soil
      • Pickle: vinegar, cucumber, cucumber plant, dill plant, soil
      • Ketchup: tomato plant, soil
    • Pizza
      • Dough: flour, wheat, soil
      • Cheese: milk, cow, grass, soil
      • Tomato Sauce: tomato plant, soil
  • Tape or magnets
  • Draw columns on the board and place each ingredient at the top (i.e. one column for bun, burger, cheese, pickle, and ketchup).
  • Hand out the remaining pictures to the students.
  • Taking one ingredient at a time, trace it back to the soil.  Have the student with the corresponding item place it in the correct column.
    • For example: Cheese comes from milk, which comes from a cow, which eats grass, which comes from the soil
  • Trace other foods to the soil!

The teacher I spoke with said that her students LOVED this activity! They wanted to trace all sorts of foods to the soil and their garden!

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