Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Plant the SEED of Knowledge

Here are some simple and fun activities relating to seeds for various grade levels.

Place seeds such as sunflowers, beans or carrots on a table. Place the empty seed package on the table and ask the students to guess which seed belongs in each package.

Have students arrange seeds in order from smallest to largest.

Describe ways in which plants are important to other living things, and the effects of human activities on plants.

Design seed packages for seed saving. Graph and chart seed-saving results.

Formulate a survey on what type of seeds your school would like to save.

Have students to do a search on the Internet for mythology and seeds and find various cultures that include seeds as an important symbol in their mythology.

Have students create their own myth using the seed as the central symbol in their story. Publish the students’ stories in a class collection of seed mythology.

Do a research project on an ancient civilization and the types of crops they planted based on theirneeds and environmental conditions. Investigate flooding of the Nile in ancient civilizations and the impact on their planting practices.

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