Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Keeping Veggies Fresh

It’s the end of the growing season and you’ve yielded a (hopefully) successful crop, but maybe that crop was a little too successful. If you have too much produce and not enough stomach space or simply want that fresh off the vine taste in the middle of winter, consider freezing your leftovers. You don’t have to invest in canning products to keep some vegetables fresh after the season is done.

Take a lesson from the The Gathering food pantry’s Food Preservation Project in Milwaukee. The volunteers at The Gathering core the tomatoes, blanch them in pots of boiling water, remove the skins, cut the tomatoes into eighths and put them into 1 gallon freezer bags. They’ve also done this with green and red peppers and cabbage that was simply shredded and then frozen.

To find our more about The Gathering’s project, check out this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article.

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