Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Gardening Friends: Letters from Students

Who says that gardens don't have an impact on students?  Check out these adorable letters I received from a class that just planted a Microfarm.  Not only are the letters cute, but they show just one way for students to practice spelling and writing.

"Dear Gardening Friends,
Thank you for donating stuf
for the garden.  We are
planting, radish, lettuce,
pepper, tomatoes.  Our group
planted tomatoes.  Have a
very happy spring.
Your friend Addy"

"Dear Gardening friends,
Thank you for helping with our
microfarm.  We planted some
veggies.  My group planted red
lettuce and green lettuce.
truely Ike"

"Dear Gardening friends,
We planted a microfarm.
Thank you for the money
to get us started.  We
planted Pepper, lettuce,
radish, tomato, and spinich

"Dear Gardening friends,
Thank you! Do you have a
garden?  I do.  The pumpkins
usually take over :)  What do
you plant in your garden?
Your friend,

"Dear Gardening friends,
Thank you.  We planted raddish,
lettuce, pepper, tomato, spinach.
There are 3 radish sprouts
in the plastic tray.
Have a nice summer.

"Dear Gardening friends,
Thank you for stuf for our
garden.  We plated some red
lettuce and some lettuce in
our room.  It is a lot of
fun.  You would love it.  I
can't wait to harvest the plants.
From Jake"

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