Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I thought I would post some Irish blessings/quotes.  Enjoy!

"May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow,
And my trouble avoid you wherever you go."

"May you always find three welcomes...
In a garden in the summer,
At a fireside during the winter,
and whatever the day of the season,
In the kind eyes of a friend."

"There's a dear little plant that grows in our isle,
'Twas St. Patrick himself, sure, that sets it;
And the sun of his labor with pleasures did smile,
And with dew from his eyes often wet it.
It grows through the bog, through the brake through the mireland,
Andy they call it the dear little Shamrock of Ireland."

"For each petal of the shamrock
This brings a wish your way,
Good health, good luck and happiness
For today and every day."

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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